Our missions and goals.

Support the integration of the Bessarabian Bulgarians which want to get back to their origins.

українці їдуть жити за кордон

Social Protection

Labor Migration


Social Integration

With a little bit of effort and help from people with those resources which don’t like to stay without a word , when there is a way to help out unreservedly their countryman living behind borders, we can accomplish a lot. Let us be good and empathetic people and have our contribution to helping the bessarabian Bulgarians to get back to their roots. The people will have the opportunity for a steadily development and future foundation establishment.



If you are a Bessarabian Bulgarian who wants to get back to his roots, without a job that is merely impossible because after all you will need to meet your needs in life. Our fund will get you in contact with reliable employers which will do all the required paperwork cost free for you official employment in the Republic of Bulgaria.


Cultural Legacy

Until present days all known traditions, folklore, poesy, historical events and moral values to the Bulgarian folk are kept strictly by the bessarabian Bulgarians. And let’s not event start that there is a lot of them that they keep treasuring while in Bulgaria we forgot about them. Lets preserve and even enrich that mutual cultural legacy by lending a hand to each other with the goal give rebirth to all those rites, traditions and customs that bond us.



From 18th century till now the number of Bessarabian Bulgarians which are outside of Bulgarian territory has grew up to 300 000 people. A significant part form that huge amount of people are looking for their way back to their origins and we are fighting to make that happen as easy as it can.


Education in the Republic of Bulgaria

There are always different programs and projects from the Ministry of Education which goal is to stimulate the Bulgarians behind borders who want to get education in Bulgaria. We are ready to answer all your questions and cooperate for completing our final goal.


Talent development

In every nation the most important ling are the children. Encoragment and development of talents with kids is of essential importance so we can help form their view of the world and to help them set their own goals to accomplish not having a regret when they look behind their shoulder.


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Да спомогнем за по – доброто и ефективно образование на младите Бесарабски българи в най – българският град в Р. Модлова – гр. Твардица.

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Идея в разработка

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Ние разчитаме на включването на доброволци и филантропи при осъществяване на различни инициативи, кампании и проекти, защото вярваме, че по този начин взаимно ще си помагаме за поддържане.

Bessarabian Bulgarians we are proud of.

Every single one of them left their mark in history.

Бесарабски Българи

Aleksandar Malinov

(1867 – 1938)

Political and national person, Bulgarian MP

Бесарабски Българи

Aleksandar Todorov

(1859 – 1959)

He was a linguist, first deacon of the University of Sofia

Бесарабски Българи

Danail Nikolaev

(1852 – 1942)

War hero, the first officer to receive the title GENERAL

Бесарабски Българи

Dimitar Grekov

(1847 – 1901)

Political and national person, Bulgarian MP

Бесарабски Българи

Ivan Kolev

(1863 - 1917)

War hero, general, known as the father of the Bulgarian horse troops.

Бесарабски Българи

Olimpii Ivanov

(1852 – 1887)

Revolutioner, officer (major), in command of the artillery.


1. Join us in the organization of different social and cultural events.
2. Donate and stimulate our cause to protect and support the Bessarabian Bulgarians.
3. Become our corporative partner and help those people who want to come back to their roots to study, work and integrate in our community.
4. We are open to partner relations whit all who share our vision.
5. Contact us if you share our vision and ideas and you have the desire to organize an event.
6. Share with your friends so we can help more Bessarabian Bulgarians to get back to their origins as soon as possible.


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